Affiliate – FAQ

1.  How do I become an Affiliate at Soccer Parenting?

It's simple: after your affiliate application is approved, just fill out the Account page on the Affiliate Dashboard with your Name and Paypal Email for payments and then you can start using your personalized Affiliate Link!

2.  What exactly is an Affiliate Program?

It's a way for you to earn some money by referring people who eventually become members.  Use your Personalized Affiliate Link and share about the and if people who click your link end up joining, you get paid a 25% Affiliate Fee.

3.  Where do I find my Affiliate Link?

Go back to the Affiliate Dashboard and it's there to copy.  Remember you have to provide your Paypal Email address in order to get paid.

4.  How do I get paid?

Money will be automatically added to your Paypal account!

5.  How often do I get paid?

Monthly - when you meet the minimum earnings threshold.  If you have over $100 in your Affiliate Earnings, it will be sent to your Paypal Account on the 1st of the month.

6.  How should I advertise?

You have access to download various logos and advertisements you can use on social channels that have your Personalized Affiliate Link embedded into them when you download.  Simply go to the Links portion on your Affiliate Dashboard.  The best way to advertise is to tell a story about how the website has helped you and a problem or issue it solved for you and can solve for others!

7.  How long does the link work after someone clicks on it?

The link is good for 30 days...So, if your link is clicked and someone comes back to the site and buys within 30 days, you'll get compensated!!!  The only change to this would be if they clear their cache or change computers.

8.  Does this apply to future transactions the same person has?

It applies to future transaction for the same subscription.  So each time the subscription renews (monthly or annually) - you get money added to your Affiliate Account.

9.  I still have a question, who do I contact?

If you're a member, you can fill out the SUPPORT FORM ON THIS PAGE.