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A comprehensive resource for our partners to find everything you need to take advantage of your membership. Check back here regularly for updates!


This is a page for our club members and Soccer Parenting partners to find everything you need throughout the year.  Check back regularly to keep up to date on events, special new content at Soccer Parenting, and so you have access to all the marketing and support materials we develop for you!  If you'd like to see something added to this page let us know.

A message from Skye:

Thanks to those of you who were able to meet up with us last week for our Quarterly Partner Meeting!  It was a great conversation about Policies, Procedures and Best Practices and we will be following up with a meeting recap for everyone soon.  In the meantime, we ask that you please send us any Policies and Procedures you have published at your club related to Sideline Behavior, Code of Conducts, Playing Time, Player Feedback or Tryouts to


We recently added a New Member Onboarding Roadmap (found in the menu under Roadmaps) to help parents make the most of their membership and navigate the content more easily.

Thanks for your support!

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 17 Noon EST

Next Live Webinar with Skye talking about 6 Steps to Being a More Inspirational and Empowering Soccer Parent - Share this page with your parents to promote:

Monday, May 22

NEW COURSE goes live!
Winning on Gameday will be available! This engaging 22 minute course covers pregame nutrition, mindset, sideline behavior, referee abuse, and car ride home!


We use two primary logos. One is for Soccer Parenting Association, the name of our organization. Soccer Parent Resource Center is the education platform for members. Your club is a member, or partner, of the Soccer Parenting Association. When promoting your club's partnership with us, please use the Soccer Parenting Association logo. If referring specifically to the education platform you may use the Soccer Parent Resource Center. The logos are available in .png files as full-color and white.


The number one more important thing you can do to promote your partnership with us is to develop a dedicated page on your club website so parents are always able to join.  Below you will see suggested content for this webpage, as well as a same club website page to give you ideas.  You'll also find letters for coaches and parents (Spanish language available), a press release, our handy Implementation Guide and more.

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