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A message from Skye:

September 13

Thank you for being a club member at Soccer Parenting and leading the way when it comes to supporting the soccer parents at your club. Your Club Operations Manager (Kelley, Kahlil or Jenn) are here to help. We have announced a price increase from $500 to $750 for our Annual Club Memberships. (If you are receiving a discount on your membership via a League or State Association partnership, your pricing will remain discounted).  This is our first price increase in 6 years and one that will help us continue to provide excellent support, education and messaging. If you have any questions, reach out to me or your Club Operations Manager.

We recently launched a NEW Coach Education Course that is available for bulk purchase by clubs:  Parent Engagement for Youth Sports Coaches. This 60 minute course is a game changer for youth soccer coaches seeking to establish a Sense of Community, improve sideline behavior, and develop productive boundaries with the parents on their team.  If you'd like to bulk purchase the course for your coaches, you can learn more HERE.  If you'd like to get a code to take the course for free as you evaluate the bulk purchase option, EMAIL us today.

When we survey new members on the website, we regularly hear from parents that they want to learn more about the game. Well, this month's webinar is the perfect time for them to do so.  Please spread the word to your parents about out September 26 webinar (more info to the right): Soccer Talk.

Thanks for your support!

Important Reminders:

September 26 - Noon EST

Next Live Webinar with Adrian Parrish and Jane Dawber: Soccer Talk: All Your Questions about the Game Answered.  Whether you're an experienced or novice soccer parent, this webinar is for you. Confused about your child's position, what a handball really is, why they went from 7 vs 7 to 9 vs 9, the difference between a direct and in-direct free kick, how to teach your child to juggle? Ask your question live to two experienced & well respected youth coaches!  Registration will be open soon.

CREATE Framework launched for youth soccer parents.  This Framework is a GAME CHANGER for your parents.  As they journey through the 6 step process (C-R-E-A-T-E), parents will become equipped as a more inspiring and inspirational soccer parents. The framework is especially helpful for parents who are eager to show up differently for their child OR are feeling a bit too much stress. This is an excellent tool for clubs and coaches to proved their parents.

Parent Engagement for Youth Sports Coaches is available for bulk purchase by clubs! This engaging 60 minute course, complete with 12 downloads and templates for youth coaches, is available HERE. If you'd like free access to the course as you consider a bulk purchase for you club - EMAIL us today.


We use two primary logos. One is for Soccer Parenting Association, the name of our organization. Soccer Parent Resource Center is the education platform for members. Your club is a member, or partner, of the Soccer Parenting Association. When promoting your club's partnership with us, please use the Soccer Parenting Association logo. If referring specifically to the education platform you may use the Soccer Parent Resource Center. The logos are available in .png files as full-color and white.


The number one more important thing you can do to promote your partnership with us is to develop a dedicated page on your club website so parents are always able to join.  Below you will see suggested content for this webpage, as well as a same club website page to give you ideas.  You'll also find letters for coaches and parents (Spanish language available), a press release, our handy Implementation Guide and more.

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