The Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are managed and overseen by The International Football Association Board (IFAB). At the Grassroots Level, exceptions to the Laws are made for ball size, field dimensions, goal dimensions, and substitutions. As well, youth leagues will often make adjustments for Laws such as a direct kick infraction in the penalty area, normally resulting in a penalty kick, instead resulting in a direct kick outside the penalty area.
Additionally, at the grassroots level, referees will often make exceptions for offenses such as an incorrect throw in (by allowing it to be retaken or ignoring the offence all together) and this level of discretion, while sometimes stress inducing for parents on the sidelines because it is arbitrary based on the referee for the match, is an important part of the learning and developmental environment.

Best case scenario, the whistle doesn’t blow a lot, the ball stays in the field of play, and the players can therefore develop a feeling for the flow and rhythm of the game.

All of this being said, a parent being knowledgeable about the Laws of the Game is both important and helpful for their child’s development. With that in mind, please find below a download of the IFAB’s 2019-20 Laws of the Game.